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Iñigo San Aniceto Orbegozo


2010-2014 PhD Student in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid)

2010-2011 MSc in Informatics Investigation in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid)

2010 Thesis Project in the University of Houston (Houston)

2009 Erasmus in the Techsnische Universität Wien (Vienna)

2004-2010 M.E. in Telecommunication in TECNUN Technological campus of the University of Navarra (San Sebastián)


Iñigo San Aniceto Orbegozo

Facultad de Informática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

C/ Prof. Jose García Santesmases s/n

28040 Madrid, Spain

Office: 347

voice: +34-91-3947541

email: Inigosananiceto [at] pdi [dot] ucm [dot] es

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