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Ignacio Martín Llorente - Invited Talks & Keynotes

About My Keynotes

I have almost 25 years of experience in IT research and management of large international projects on advanced distributed computing and resource provisioning models, such as cloud computing, to address real-life compute- and data-intensive business and science use cases. In the context of these projects and my participation in standards bodies, technology platforms and advisory boards, I have collaborated with the leading IT companies and have participated in the definition of strategic research programs.

As leading expert and active researcher in innovative and emerging IT technologies with extensive expertise in strategic management and consultancy, I offer a unique perspective into how companies can innovate and compete with next generation Internet and cloud computing. As cloud computing pioneer and guru, I try to communicate my vision about the data centre as the computer of the future, the IT resources as the next utility, and cloud computing as a source of innovation and competitive advantage.

This page shows some of my main keynotes and invited talks. As independent expert for several companies and national governments, I have given other invited talks on Cloud Computing innovation and strategic management.

Selected Invited Talks and Keynotes in English

Selected Invited Talks and Keynotes in Spanish

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