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Ruben Santiago Montero


Associate Professor

Distributed Systems Architecture Group

Facultad de Informática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


rubensm [at] dacya [dot] ucm [dot] es

Short Bio

Rubén S. Montero, PhD is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Architecture and Systems Engineering at Complutense University of Madrid. In the past, he has held several visiting positions at ICASE (NASA Langley Research Center, VA). Over the last years, he has published more than 70 scientific papers in the field of High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing, and contributed to more than 20 research and development programmes. He is also heavily involved in organizing the Spanish e-science infrastructure as a member of the infrastructure expert panel of the national e-science initiative. His research interests lie mainly in resource provisioning models for distributed systems, in particular: Grid resource management and scheduling, distributed management of virtual machines and cloud computing, where he is especially interested in the inter-operation of cloud infrastructures. He is also actively involved in several open source grid initiatives like the Globus Toolkit and the GridWay metascheduler, where he coordinated the technical activities of the project till 2008. Currently, he is co-leading the research and development activities of OpenNebula, a distributed virtual machine manager.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on resource provisioning models for distributed systems, particularly:

  • Resource management and scheduling for Grid Computing. Although some of the experience gained in scheduling in the past can be applied to the Grid, it presents some characteristics that differ dramatically from classical computing platforms (i.e. clusters or MPPs), namely: different administration domains, limited control over resources, heterogeneity and dynamism. My work in this area is focused on the development of Grid specific scheduling heuristics and on the efficient execution of workflows, and divisible workloads.
  • Virtual machine resource provisioning. Virtual machines presets several characteristics (consolidation, isolation, partitioning, custom execution environment…) that makes them very attractive for resource provisioning. Virtual machines can shape a physical infrastructure to adapt its configuration to the services it supports and their current load. My work in this area is focused in Virtual Machine management in distributed environments and allocation and re-allocation scheduling heuristics for VM.
  • Utility models for IT. Grid infrastructures can be turned into a very effective resource provisioning platform that could be eventually used to provision outsourced computing resources. My work in this area includes the analysis of federated architectures and interfaces, that allows the interoperability of distinct Grids and its seamless integration within the organization IT processes. In this are I am particularly interested in the combination of the previous paradigms (i.e. clouds) to provision resources in a utility fashion.

Current Projects

  • GridWay is a Grid metascheduler and a Globus Toolkit component. I've been involved in the project (Chief Researcher) since its beginning, back in 2002. Currently, I am also an active GridWay community member and a project committer.
  • OpenNebula is a virtual infrastructure engine that dynamically deploys and re-allocates virtual machines on physical resources. I am very excited about the research and development efforts being made in the ONE project. Currently, I am leading the project research and development activities. Keep an eye on the project news for upcoming releases!
  • The Globus Alliance is a very impressive and stimulating community, responsible for spectacular technology achievements and one of the most influential scientific developments. I am part of this community through the GridWay project. Currently I am also part of the Incubator Management board. Check globus.org for more info on Grid Computing and Globus.

Technical Papers

Please see the publication pages for somehow recent (since 2002) papers on the following topics:

For my previous works (before 2002) in the field of Parallel Computing and Computational Fluid Dynamics visit this page.

Talks & Opinion Pieces

I post some of my thoughts about Cloud and Grid technologies in the group blog. I try to do it on a regular basis, but that it is not always possible. Recent talks I've given:


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