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Anders P. Ravn, M.T Higuera Toledano. Introduction to the special issue on Java technologies for real-time and embedded systems: JTRES2011. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 25(16):2225-2226, 2013.


Real-time and embedded applications cover an extremely wide variety of domains, each with stringent requirements, including highly precise timing characteristics, small memory footprints, flexible sensor and actuator interfaces, and robust safety characteristics. Processing in such application domains often involves distributed processing in which communication and synchronization and their resulting integration present additional challenges. A major part of the cost of creating such real-time and embedded applications is spent in the often complex software development, integration, verification, and validation of the resulting systems. A vast majority of all microprocessors are now used for real-time and embedded applications, and higher-level programming languages and middleware are needed to develop software for these applications, timely and safely. The Java programming language has become an attractive choice because of its excellent software engineering characteristics. Yet, standard Java is unsuitable for developing hard real-time embedded systems, mainly due to underspecification of thread scheduling and the presence of garbage collection. These problems are addressed by the Real-Time Specification for Java. Interest in real-time Java in both the research community and the industry has increased significantly, because of its challenges and its potential impact on the development of embedded and real-time applications


[ Tin2012-31518 ]

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