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G. Gorbil, D. Garcia Perez, E. Huedo. Principles of Pervasive Cloud Monitoring. In 29th Annual Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS 2014), 2014.


Accurate and fine-grained monitoring of dynamic and heterogeneous cloud resources is essential to the overall operation of the cloud. In this paper, we review the principles of pervasive cloud monitoring, and discuss the requirements of a pervasive monitoring solution needed to support proactive and autonomous management of cloud resources. This paper reviews existing monitoring solutions used by the industry and assesses their suitability to support pervasive monitoring. We find that the collectd daemon is a good candidate to form the basis of a lightweight monitoring agent that supports high resolution probing, but it needs to be supplemented by high-level interaction capabilities for pervasive monitoring


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Eduardo Huedo

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