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J.L. Lucas-Simarro, C. Carrion Espinosa, B. Caminero Herraez. Flexible Advance-Reservation (FAR) for Clouds. In 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2011, Pages 610-615, 2011.


Cloud computing has gained popularity in recent times. Nowadays several companies are migrating their software towards cloud providers. Using virtual machines as a resource provisioning mechanism offers some benefits, but depending on the applications it could be difficult to preview the exact amount of resources the company needs to provide QoS to its clients. In this paper, a new way of booking resources is proposed, in which Cloud users can specify the minimum and maximum number of virtual resources needed, so that coping with periods of peak load is easier and cheaper. This is supported by means of a general framework which includes modifications and/or additions of several components at different levels of the Cloud architecture. A microbenchmark-based proof-of-concept evaluation is included, which provides a hint on the benefits of the proposal


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Jose Luis Lucas-Simarro

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