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R. Moreno-Vozmediano. Application Layer Multicast Techniques in Grid Environments. In EATIS 2007 - Euro American Conference on Telematics and Information System, 2007.


Resource and service discovery, data transfer or replica management, are some examples of basic operations of a grid which can gain efficiency by using multicast transmission techniques. However, the sparse deployment of IP multicast is the internet today is a major limitation for exploiting this communication paradigm in grid environments. Over the last few years, Application Layer Multicast has emerged as a novel and powerful technique for providing one-to-many and many-to-many data transfer over networks without infrastructure support for IP multicast. In this approach multicast functionality is implemented at the end-host systems instead of network routers, and it is based on the construction of a logical overlay over the underlying network topology. Application layer multicast techniques have been used mainly for real-time multimedia applications (such as Internet telephony, video streaming services, videoconferencing, etc.), and P2P applications (like data delivery and dissemination, etc.). However, the application of these techniques to grid environments has not been deeply analyzed


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Rafael Moreno-Vozmediano

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