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R. Moreno-Vozmediano, A.B. Alonso. Job Scheduling and Resource Management Techniques in Economic Grid Environments. In 1st Across Grids Conference, Volume 2970, Pages 25-32, 2004.


In this paper, we analyze the problem of grid resource brokering in the presence of economic information about the price of resources. We examine in detail the main tasks that a resource broker has to carry out in this particular context, like resource discovery and selection, job scheduling, job monitoring and migration, etc. Then, we propose an extension of the grid resource information service schema to deal with this kind of economic information, and we evaluate different optimization criteria for job scheduling and migration, combining both performance and economic information. The experimental application benchmark has been taken from the finance field, in particular a Monte Carlo simulation for pricing European financial options


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Rafael Moreno-Vozmediano

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