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R.Yahyapour, C.Perez, E.Elmroth, I.M. Llorente, F.Guim, K.Oberle. Introduction. In EURO-PAR 2011, Volume 6852/2011, Pages 405-406, 2011.


There has been a considerable discussion in the past years on the similarities and differences between Clouds and Grid Computing. This included extreme positions whether Clouds are a pure marketing hype, or whether Grids became obsoleted by failing a wide commercial adoption as a resource sharing platform. Now, we can assess that neither is true nor necessary. Grids and clouds share many similarities as they both address questions concerning access to resources in a large-scale distributed environment. Thus, there is significant overlap between the two areas in the ways that infrastructures may evolve


[ Tin2009-07146 ] [ Medianet ]


Ignacio M. Llorente

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