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C. Vazquez, E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. On the use of clouds for grid resource provisioning. Future Generation Computer Systems, 27(5):600-605, 2011.


Cloud computing is being built on top of established grid technology concepts. On the other hand, it is also true that cloud computing has much to offer to grid infrastructures. The aim of this paper is to provide the ability to build arbitrary complex grid infrastructures able to sustain the demand required by any given service, taking advantage of the pay-per-use model and the seemingly unlimited capacity of the cloud computing paradigm. It addresses mechanisms that potentially can be used to meet a given quality of service or satisfy peak demands this service may have. These mechanisms imply the elastic growth of the grid infrastructure making use of cloud providers, regardless of whether they are commercial, like Amazon EC2 and GoGrid, or scientific, like Globus Nimbus. This technology of dynamic provisioning is demonstrated in an experiment, aimed to show the overheads caused in the process of offloading jobs to resources created in the cloud


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Constantino Vazquez
Eduardo Huedo
Ruben S. Montero
Ignacio M. Llorente

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