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Publications 2004

Academic Journals

  1. A.B. Alonso-Conde, R. Moreno-Vozmediano. A High Throghput Soution for Portfolio VaR Simulation. WSEAS Transaction on Business and Economics, 1(1):1-6, 2004. details
  2. M.T. Higuera-Toledano, V. Issarny, M. Banatre, F. Parain. Memory Management for Real-Time Java: An Efficient Solution using Hardware Support. Real-Time Systems, 26(1):63-87, 2004. details doi
  3. E. Huedo, U. Bastolla, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. Computational Proteomics on the Grid. Journal of New Generation Computing, special issue on Grid Systems for Life Sciences, 22(2):191-192, 2004. details doi
  4. E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. A framework for adaptive execution in grids. Software: Practice and Experience, 34(7):631-651, 2004. details doi

International Conferences

  1. M.A. de Miguel, M.T. Higuera-Toledano. Runtime Management of Quality Specification for QoS-Aware Components. In 30th EUROMICRO Conference, Pages 84-91, 2004. details doi
  2. J. Herrera, E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. Developing Grid-Aware Applications with DRMAA on Globus-Based Grids. In 10th International Conference on Parallel Processing (Euro-Par 2004), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3149, Pages 429-435, 2004. details doi
  3. J. Herrera, E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. Execution of typical scientific applications on Globus-based grids. In 3rd International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing (ISPDC 2004), Pages 177-183, 2004. details doi
  4. J. Herrera, E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. Embarrassingly Distributed and Master-Worker Paradigms on the Grid. In International Workshop of Scientific Applications of Grid Computing (SAG 2004), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3458, Pages 108-119, 2004. details doi
  5. M.T. Higuera-Toledano. Illegal References in a Real-Time Java Concurrent Environment. In 7th IEEE International Symposium on Object-oriented Real time Distributed Computing, Pages 321-324, 2004. details doi
  6. M.T. Higuera-Toledano. Studying the Behaviour of the Single Parent Rule in Real-Time Java. In ON THE MOVE TO MEANINGFUL INTERNET SYSTEMS 2004: OTM 2004 WORKSHOPS, Volume 3292, Pages 268-277, 2004. details doi
  7. E. Huedo, A. Lepinette, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente, L. Vazquez. Simulation of Mars Impact Cratering on a Grid Environment. In GADA 2004. OnTheMove Confederated International Conferences (OTM 2004), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3292, Pages 50-58, 2004. details doi
  8. E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. Adaptive Grid Scheduling of a High-Throughput Bioinformatics Application. In 5th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics (PPAM 2003), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3019, Pages 840-847, 2004. details doi
  9. E. Huedo, R.S. Montero, I.M. Llorente. Experiences on adaptive grid scheduling of parameter sweep applications. In 12th Euromicro Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2004), Pages 28-33, 2004. details doi
  10. R.S. Montero, E. Huedo, I.M. Llorente. Experiences about job migration on a dynamic grid environment. In International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo2003), Advances in Parallel Computing, Volume 13, Pages 579-586, 2004. details doi
  11. R. Moreno-Vozmediano, A.B. Alonso. Job Scheduling and Resource Management Techniques in Economic Grid Environments. In 1st Across Grids Conference, Volume 2970, Pages 25-32, 2004. details doi
  12. F. Murtagh, D. Egret, G. Longo, V. di Gesu, G. Allen, J. Nunez, R. Molina, I.M. Llorente, A. Shearer, A. Golden, R. Butler, A. Holl, M. Tsvetkov, D. Boyd, L. Sastry, V. Golev, P. Jetzer, A. Csillaghy. iAstro: Computational and Information Infrastructure in the Astronomical DataGrid. In Toward an International Virtual Observatory: the ESO/ESA/NASA/NSF Conference, 2004. details doi

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